About Light Weigh 

The Light Weigh is a 12 week Bible Study and instructional DVD Series, authored and founded by Suzanne Fowler in 1998.  In Light Weigh you will learn a new approach to eating that leads to peace with God, peace with yourself and peace with food.  Light Weigh members learn to eat real food in moderation.  Light Weigh is international and is done throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland and Australia.  

Light Weigh is designed to be done in small groups in your church or in your home. Light Weigh is Catholic and draws upon the Faith Jesus Christ founded personally and designed.

By following Light Weigh, you will learn to attain peace with food by imitating the example of Jesus and the spirituality of two of His devoted followers; St. Ignatius of Loyola and St. Therese, The Little Flower.

"Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, 'I am the light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.'" John 8:12


Overeating verses Peace With Food

The reason people overeat is not due to a nutritional need, but an emotional need. We tend to go to food for emotions such as, stress, worry, anxiety, boredom, relaxation, nervousness, distraction, anger, sadness, loneliness etc.. God (The Father, Son and Holy Spirit) has designed everyone with a ready made hole in their heart. God did this so we would be incomplete without Him. This longing, this incompleteness, causes us to seek Him; which is what He wants us to do! God is the only thing that will fill the hole in our heart perfectly. The problem is we try to fill this spiritual hunger with everything but Him. God alone is the perfect "piece" to our hearts, that gives us perfect "peace." This is why it is so important to approach attaining peace with food from a spiritual perspective.

Dieting puts people into a "shortage mentality" and steals from them the ability to gain peace with food. The goal of  Light Weigh is to help you attain "Peace With Food." Dieting will never give you peace with food, because it is totally food-focused and self-focused. In Light Weigh, God's Love transforms.  The transformation is from the inside out and special for each person.  Peace with food means that you still enjoy food, but food no longer controls you.  Thousands and thousands of people thought this was not possible for them, but have found freedom through Light Weigh.


Suzanne Fowler's Light Weigh Message and Materials 

When I wrote Light Weigh, the main message I felt called by God to bring, was to remind people how PRECIOUS they are to God. To remind each person of God's immense and continuous love for you, no matter what you weigh. God wants you to go to Him for the spiritual hunger you have been trying to fill with food.

As you do Light Weigh, and begin to fill your heart with God,  you will also begin to see the temptation to overeat diminish. The filling of the heart is a process and Light Weigh is very specifically formatted and gives each Light Weigh member their own materials; a Light Weigh Workbook, a Light Weigh Audio series and a Light Weigh Spiritual Growth Kit, which is used along with the Light Weigh DVD series at your small group meeting. These Light Weigh tools help the transformation in the heart to take place.  On every Light Weigh weekly DVD you will see a Light Weigh eating example which reinforces the Light Weigh approach to eating and peace with food. Additional topics are also discussed on the weekly Light Weigh DVD.  NOTE: The Light Weigh DVD's remain the property of Light Weigh. The Light Weigh DVD series is on loan to your group for as long as you are meeting as a group and doing the program. When you are finished with the program you return the DVD's to Light Weigh.


Light Weigh Meetings 

Light Weigh meetings are an hour and a half, once a week for 12 weeks. There are no weigh-ins at the Light Weigh meetings. The first 30 minutes of the meeting is spent discussing the Bible Study, written around the topic of the week; the rest of the Light Weigh meeting is spent watching the weekly Light Weigh DVD. The DVD for each week varies in length, but are not longer than an hour.


Why Suzanne Fowler Wrote Light Weigh as a Group Program  

I designed Light Weigh to be done in small groups because before I wrote Light Weigh I had struggled with my weight virtually my entire life.  I lost my weight in a Light Weigh group too. It only takes three people to form a group, but the more people you have the more momentum your group has, and momentum is really important when you set out to change.  One log does not make a fire, two logs will barely burn, but three logs will give you a good flame!  I understand that it can be intimidating, believe me when I say I can relate to the overweight person, but be at peace.  I have designed Light Weigh to be as non-embarassing and as easy as possible.

There are no weigh-ins and you do not even have to list your name or phone number if you are meeting in your church.  A group provides many things necessary for you to change. Your group meetings are a sign of commitment on your part; the Light Weigh group meetings help you to fit the program into your busy schedule and provide a weekly check-in and accountability. Jesus has said, "Where two or more of you gather in my name there I will be also."  Matt. 18:20  Groups provide encouragement, friendship, example and the opportunity to help one another. Over and over Light Weigh has heard how much people enjoy getting together for their Light Weigh Bible Study and meeting. It's fun and it makes a difference!


Becoming a Light Weigh Member 

Once you become a member of Light Weigh and receive your materials, you are ready to begin! The cost of Light Weigh materials is $141.00 plus S&H, per person. This covers the workbook, audio series, spiritual growth kit and attending the Light Weigh DVD program. As long as your group is continuing to meet, you may repeat the program as many times as you like during the first year without paying the full cost again. When you repeat Light Weigh you purchase the next audio series for $30 plus S&H. Light Weigh members have told us they love their meetings! Light Weigh members have formed wonderful friendships and gained wisdom, strength and encouragement from other Light Weigh members. 

Over and over we hear how Light Weigh has changed peoples' lives, and we give total credit to the Holy Spirit. Read the "Success Testimonials" section. It is my prayer that each Light Weigh member will experience a greater appreciation of God's great love for them, rediscover and connect more deeply with the Faith and the treasures Jesus has given us to help them in their daily struggles and attain the peace with food they seek.


The Light Weigh, LLC