New in 2012!  

Light Weigh One King is a twelve-week Catholic Bible Study-DVD series released in 2012, designed for small group use. You only need 3 members to start a group! In the One King Bible Study-DVD series, we focus on how to unite with Christ in order to overcome temptation. Many people joining seek an answer to their struggle with food. The One King approach teaches members how to crown the will of Christ over their own will and the ability to do this requires a transformation of heart. 

There are no weigh-ins at One King meetings. One King meetings are positive and affirming, once a week and last approximately 90 minutes. The first part of the One King meeting (20 to 25 minutes) is spent discussing the weekly One King Bible Study. After the Bible Study, the weekly One King DVD, which contains all the instruction for the program; is viewed by the group. 


The One King program is designed to be simple and easy for the One King Coordinator! This means the program runs itself. The One King Coordinator receives the Bible Study completely printed out for them along with instructions on how to facilitate conversation about Scripture. 

The One King DVD’s are divided into the following segments: 


􀀼 One King Rock Fact Segments - Cover the shared foundational beliefs of Catholics. 


􀀼 One King Amazing Grace Segments - Tell the amazing factual accounts of Early Christian Catholics who were martyred for Jesus Christ. 


􀀼 One King Eating Example Segments – Show how One King members may approach and eat the many different types of food we enjoy. 


􀀼 One King Main Topic Segments – Focus on Jesus Christ, and what He did, what He shows us by example and what He is able to do in our lives if we turn to Him. The One King program gives great insights on how we are better able to follow Him. 


One of the foundational premises of Light Weigh One King is that everyone is precious to God and the love God has for them has nothing to do with what they weigh. God will not love you any more if you lose weight, than if you do not lose weight, because God loves you immensely and intensely, right where you are now. God does not want anything controlling you or making you feel out of control and so, because of His love for you, He seeks to help you with any problem you face. 

Light Weigh One King teaches peace with food. Peace with food is not a diet, peace with food is when you get to the place where you enjoy food, but food no longer has control over you. Peace with food is possible through uniting to Jesus Christ. 


Once you become a member of Light Weigh One King and receive your materials, you are ready to begin! The cost of One King materials is $141.00 plus S&H, per person. This covers the One King Workbook, audio series, spiritual growth kit and permission to attend the One King DVD program. As long as your group is continuing to meet, you may repeat the program as many times as you like during the first year without paying the full cost again. When you repeat One King you purchase the next audio series and journal for $55 plus S&H. One King members have responded enthusiastically to this new program!  As with Light Weigh, One King  members are forming wonderful friendships and are gaining wisdom, strength and encouragement from other One King members.   The One King DVDs are on loan to the person who coordinates the meetings for as long as the group continues to meet.  



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