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I Lost 14 Days!

I saw this funny vintage sign in a store window the other day, of a dismayed woman holding her hands to her face with the caption:



This pretty much sums up the world's diets!

Every week we get emails from coordinators and members who remind us how important Light Weigh One King & Light Weigh programs are to members. The note below just came in and it touched me! It speaks! And I am so thankful Susan wrote!

"I am a coordinator of a LWOK group. I am in my second session - Follow The Son, and it is really only after having been in the study that I have stopped my double-mindedness and giving myself permission to choose each day whether I would obey or not on any given day.

I am emailing to thank you so much for the clear strong message to follow God wholeheartedly. I am only now beginning to have weight loss and, even though I had not been losing till recently, I have come to know with absolutely certainty that God is the only answer for freedom from overeating. Thank you again for everything it has cost you to bring us this message of truth.

Always praying for all of you.

With gratitude


Susan is not wasting the time God has given her like the lady in the vintage sign! She is growing closer to God and learning to how to become free from overeating through Him! Susan is also spreading the Faith in a time when it is needed more than ever!

Thank you Susan for spreading the light of Christ and allowing it to shine in your heart! Thank you to each of you who are coordinators and spreading the light! You ARE making an eternal difference!

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord,


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