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Inspired & Humbled

Hello Precious One!

I had one of the most inspiring moments of my life yesterday morning heading into Mass. Mass was starting in a few minutes and many were walking briskly. There was a little girl, about four years old, who has spina bifida, who was struggling on her little crutches. As we passed I heard her mother say, "I need you to do your best walking. We don't want to be late." The little girl responded, "But it's up hill."

I was so struck. Each one of us is that little girl. Each one of us is having to go up hill. Our hills are our crosses , and they are all different. Some of us have to struggle more than others, but God, asks us to do our best walking.

Then I went into church and heard the Scripture about the narrow gate. One of our deacons gave a homily about the importance of consistent effort and the temptation not to make consistent effort, but instead to take it easy and do the minimum. He said if we want to enter by the narrow gate, we will only get there through consistent effort, through setting ourselves aside for others out of love for God! And the deacon doesn't even do Light Weigh!

I am going to forever pray and sacrifice for that AMAZING mother and little girl. God needs us all to do our "best walking" no matter the hill we face or the cross we carry. In our humanness we feel the hill. But all God asks is that we do our best walking by following Him faithfully and consistently. The Little Way of St. Therese is the answer to everything.

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord,


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