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Getting Back on Track

Hello Precious One!

We heard from several members last week who felt they had lost their way on Light Weigh. Major holidays like Easter, where food is such a part of the celebration, may have this effect when you have not found peace with food yet. Be at peace if you can relate to this, because I have great advice and hope for you!

Stop. Take a deep breath. Pray an Our Father and a Hail Mary. Now take a moment and think what your former pattern was when things were going clickety click on the track for you. Do not get down on yourself, because God is not down on you! He is waiting to help you. Get your journal and fill out the weekly overview page and daily page. Pray for God’s grace and begin again, using your Light Weigh tools. Resolve to get back on track today. It usually takes three days to feel completely back on track. The first day you do better, the second day better than that and by the third day you are going clickety click on track again! Returning to Our Lord and King and the tools of the program works! Go to your weekly meeting and keep your group vibrant by doing your Bible study and casting your net for new members. Light Weigh programs are tremendous evangelization tools that allow God to help people on every level.

My priest is one of the vicar generals for our diocese and did One King a year ago. He lost 14 pounds and told me he has kept it off for a year now. He is very pleased with his new spiritual approach to eating and says he feels great!

I love to cook and made a big Easter dinner with a lamb cake for dessert. I marvel how food no longer controls me the way it once did. I ate everything I wanted but did not over eat. This is what peace with food through Light Weigh makes possible and it will be that way for you too if you persevere.

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


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