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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Light Weigh Program Should I Do?  Light Weigh or One King?


By God’s grace and inspiration, both programs Light Weigh & One King have achieved amazing weight-loss and health for members. 


Our Advice:


If you have not done either program before – start with One King.

If you have done Light Weigh before – One King is new and those who have done Light Weigh have loved it.

If you have done One King and are ready for something new – begin Light Weigh.


Do I Have To Be Catholic?


Both Light Weigh & One King have been done by Protestants and enjoyed by them.  They have found success in achieving peace with food.  A few have converted to Catholicism.  One Methodist woman in a One King group said, “I did not realize how much Catholics loved Jesus.” 


Another comment from a Protestant Light Weigh member, “I enjoyed learning about the Catholic Faith and found the Light Weigh program very interesting and helpful.”


May I do Light Weigh/One King by myself or with one other person?


Light Weigh/One King is designed for a minimum of three people. *Change in behavior takes desire and momentum – the more people in your group, the greater the momentum.


Why do I have to do Light Weigh/One King in a group?


Most importantly – We gather in the Holy Name of Jesus. Jesus has promised in Sacred Scripture in Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” This is HUGE!!!


An independent study found - People who meet in church based groups are more successful in weight-loss. 


Light Weigh/One King is a process where God works in your heart, mind & life  – not a set of rules you are given.  Completing the process has lead to freedom for many.


In your Light Weigh/One King group - You do a Bible Study, receive instruction from the One King DVD’s, learn from and help one another, form friendships, pray for and support one another.


Is there much homework?


Members have told us Light Weigh/One King programs fit easily into their lives.  Light Weigh/One King programs are designed to be interesting, loving, faith building, restorative & hopefully fun! They are not burdensome with heavy homework, but are designed to fit into a busy lifestyle. 


*It is very important for you to set aside time during your day and week, to use your spiritual tools and attend your weekly meeting.  


What Do I Receive By Joining?


Each person joining Light Weigh/One King receives a specially designed journal for the program, a Bible study, a six CD audio set, a spiritual growth kit and permission to attend the weekly DVD meeting to learn the Light Weigh/One King principles. 


Both programs are completely different and have different content.


Both programs have achieved the health changes and weight-loss previously listed.


What is “Peace With Food”?


Light Weigh/One King teaches peace with food, this is why Light Weigh/One King programs are not just diets. Light Weigh/One King encourages a transformation where you model a healthy lifestyle and get to a place where you still enjoy food, but food no longer has control over you.  Peace with Food is a process, which both the Light Weigh & One King programs are designed to bring about in a member’s life.

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