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Archbishop Naumann says about One King-

"I do recommend the program.  Light Weigh is a great resource to become better stewards of our bodies.  With Light Weigh there are no "weigh-ins", but it is meant to be done as a group.  By particpating in weekly meetings, participants both chanllenge and support each other in their efforts to give God dominion over their eating choices."



The Light Weigh was authored and founded by Suzanne Fowler in 1998.  The Light Weigh was the first Catholic Bible Study video series. Over 2000 Light Weigh groups have started around the world since Light Weigh was first introduced.   In Light Weigh you will learn a new approach to eating that leads to peace with God, peace with yourself and peace with food.  Light Weigh members learn to eat real food in moderation.  Light Weigh is international and is done throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland and Australia.  



Light Weigh Classic & Light Weigh One King


What you need to know:

1)    Each program stands on its own and you do not have to do one to do the other.

2)   Each program by God’s grace has produced the same healing life changing results for people and enabled them to lose weight and achieve peace with food.

3)   Each program has a different DVD series and different materials.


How to choose?

Both programs are Catholic and both have also been done by non-Catholics.


Light Weigh Classic:Has weeks on the Sacred Heart, Divine Mercy, Our Lady of Guadalupe and has Saints that people are familiar with such as St. Patrick, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Clare etc.


Light Weigh One King:*Has a very transformative week on Forgiveness that members who have sought healing for years, say has profoundly changed their lives by God’s grace!  **One King has early Catholic Christian Saints from the early Church when all Christians were Catholic because no other denomination existed and there was no reason to designate oneself Catholic.  Also has mental focus and stress exercises.

Both programs cost the same and to repeat the programs cost the same.

One King has 3 subsequent journals that are all different with different Bible Studies that coordinate together.


*If you are recovering from a heart wound, abuse, emotional neglect or rejection, it is suggested you do Light Weigh One King, unless your heart is telling you otherwise.


** Once the breaks with the Church occurred started by Martin Luther, followed by King Henry VIII, people began to differentiate themselves as Catholic if they remained loyal to papal authority. This is why St. Thomas More was martyred, because he remained loyal to papal authority and would not acknowledge King Henry VIII as the head of the Church. 

This is why the Early Church is called the Early Christian Church, and why Christians of other denominations today think they were the first Christians, when actually the Early Christian Church was only Catholic. Most Christians do not know their history and do not know that every Christian denomination (since the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ personally in 33 AD), has been a break away church founded by a man or men such as: 

                                     Eastern Orthodox – The Great Schism (1054) 

     Martin Luther – Lutherans (1530)

     King Henry VIII – Church of England/Anglicans (1534)       

                                        Episcopalians (USA 1607)               

     John Calvin – Calvinists (1536) 

                                     John Knox – Presbyterians (1560)

                                     John Smyth – Baptists (1609)

                                     John and Charles Wesley -Methodists (1738) 

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