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Mother of 4 loses 20lbs.

Claudia's Story

I am the mother of 4 children and I have lost 22 pounds on Light Weigh One King.  For me it was great, because I do not have time to go away on a weekend retreat, but One King is like a retreat that fits perfectly into my busy life.  I started during Lent and thoroughly enjoyed the program.  The spiritual aspect of the program kept me going even after I had lost the weight.  There are many different tools in this program, and I was able to incorporate more and more tools as time went on.  I was initially irritated at the cost of the program, but when I saw the materials and DVDs, I realized how much you get.  I cannot believe the amount of work that went into creating this - and it works!  It has been worth every penny!

I love the Bible Study and the One King journal and try to use it morning and night.  I especially love the weekly "Take it to the King" pages and the daily "Dearest Jesus,

I am asking for your help with:...." cue where I can give over to God anything causing me fear, anger or anxiety.  The results have been amazing!  One King brings the Faith into my life.  One King taught me how to include Jesus in daily life and how to give everything to Him, even the little and big struggles with raising my children, and let Him take care of it.  My husband told me he doesn't want me to lose any more weight, so I am happy and feeling great where One King has taken me.  When I was struggling with a plateau for a while, I just started using more of the techniques, like putting my fork down between bites during my meals, and it worked!  I am on my third journal and loving it!

Thank you again for all the work and time you put into Light Weigh. 


P.S. I ordered the cookbook and I've only made two things so far as I want to keep it as a Christmas gift.  Nevertheless, when I peeked through it a bit, I was so happy to see that you included recipes from scratch for mayo and cream of mushroom soup.  I can't wait to try them.  I have made the pumpkin loaf, which everyone enjoyed as well as the French Bread Pudding.  Our girls thoroughly enjoyed listening to the story of St. Martin of Tours.

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