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Dear Suzanne, 


Talking Directly To Me 


“Light Weigh taught me so much and I already thought I knew a lot about food being a Foods I & Foods II teacher! Suzanne had so many sayings that she shared in the DVD’s and CD’s that helped me focus on the peace and not on the control. I felt like she was talking to me directly. The first session CD from Suzanne was Holy Spirit inspired and really spoke to my heart.” 


Never Felt Deprived 


“One of the things I loved was I never felt hopeless, like in the past. I also loved the fact that when I lost weight I didn’t have to go out and celebrate with a big dessert because I never felt deprived.” 


Doctor Said Health Improved 


“According to my doctor, my health has improved, as I had been diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I think I may have had more health problems if I had not started down the road of Light Weigh.” 


Lost 4 lbs. Thanksgiving Week 


“Suzanne’s and her sincere love for God and the Church kept me going. She showed me the connection between overeating and our hunger for God. I lost 4 pounds over Thanksgiving week. I was not surprised or deprived of anything. I remember enjoying my Light Weigh portion with all the fixin’s while the rest of my family was groaning about how full they still were. It was such a freeing feeling. I remember saying to myself, ‘I can’t believe I am so satisfied. This is amazing!” 


Total Peace 


“I have tried to explain it to people who ask how I lost my weight – but they just don’t get it. Suzanne says, ‘It is a call to the heart.’ I think that is true, because you have to be ready to listen to God and what you learn in the program. As a Culinary Arts Instructor, I am around food all day long! I was amazed how I could keep my love for food and be at total peace with it.”


Thank you for this program – it changed my life. 




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