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      I want to thank you and our good Lord and the blessings of our beautiful Catholic faith for the Light Weigh program. It has changed my life in such a positive way.
      I joined last September at the invitation of a good friend who was starting a group. I attended the orientation session and knew that this was the right program at the right time. I had been aware for years that food had the wrong priority in my life, that I was attached to it in an unhealthy way, turning to food for comfort, joy, rest, etc. I was a size 12, occasionally a 14, not really happy with the way I looked and somewhat concerned that I would slowly keep gaining weight if I didn't make a change. I didn't even go to the pool last summer, so self-conscious was I in a swimsuit - and I love to swim! I was getting tired of the discomfort of control-top pantyhose but wouldn't think to go without them.

I was having difficulty making time to exercise yet I was also reluctant to diet, as diets in the past had produced immediate success but an inevitable return to the previous weight - and along the way I was constantly hungry and thinking about food! I could tell your program was different, was easy, and was natural (being aware of hunger, eating to fullness and not beyond, etc.). I loved that we could eat what we want and I wouldn't have to manage menus and count calories. I just knew interiorly, the first day, that I would lose weight the Light Weigh.
       I have succeeded beyond my wildest hopes. After 8 months on the program I have lost 26 pounds. My teenage daughter can actually borrow my shorts and jeans! My confidence has soared. I enjoy shopping. I take my little girl to the pool and don't feel embarrassed! All my life I wondered how it would be to actually be thin. And now I know it's not so much about thinness, but about looking the way I am supposed to, the way God designed me, without extra padding. Best of all, I have peace with food! Food is no longer the treat I look forward to each day - God is. Food is not the joy of my heart - God is. And food is not the reason I go to parties and picnics and potlucks - people are!
      This is a new way of life, and I am so very, very grateful


                                                                                Blessings, Ellen


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