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Overcame Binge Eating & Avoided Gastric Bypass Surgery!


“Thanks to the Light Weigh One King program, I am at my goal weight! After over three years, I have lost 139 pounds and now weigh exactly one-half of my beginning weight of 278 pounds. The journey to get to my goal weight has been like traveling down a long and winding road, but in retrospect, I believe it was Spirit led.


I am 68 years old, and have spent most of my life in a love-hate relationship with food, either loving it so very much that I could not get enough of it – or fearing and hating it so much that I would use near-starvation diets to avoid it. I clearly remember binge eating as early as the third grade. Severe dieting programs started in the seventh grade. At least three times in my life I have lost over 100 pounds (in addition to numerous times of losing 20, 30, 40, 50 pounds), only to regain the weight plus more. A yo-yo pattern of being on whatever the newest fad diet was or bingeing so much that I would actually pass out from the massive food intake. Even through all of this abuse to my body, I had always been able to maintain a normal blood pressure and reasonably good health. . . . until I turned 65. Then, my blood pressure skyrocketed, and I ended up in the hospital diagnosed with having suffered a light stroke.


Obviously, with the scare of another more severe stroke and weighing 278 pounds, that should make anybody come to their senses and lose weight. But, for me, food is a powerful tempter – and “reason” doesn’t enter into the matter. I am not even sure what I did that first year after the stroke, but apparently I managed to lose 13 pounds, and weighed 265 pounds when my blood pressure started spiking again in the late summer of 2012. I was fearful of having another stroke and was so desperate about losing weight that I was convinced the only way I could do it was to undergo gastric bypass surgery. I attended a four-hour orientation class at a local bariatric surgeon’s clinic and would have signed up that day, but discovered that they did not accept Medicare insurance. I went home, contemplating taking out a loan to pay for the expensive procedure. I then decided to talk with my sister, who also needed to lose weight. I thought she would encourage me to have the surgery, but she instead, convinced me that surgery was not the answer and that many people gain back their weight even after the surgery.


Together my sister and I decided we would start going to Overeaters Anonymous again. We had both attended OA about 30 years ago, and drifted away after having successfully lost weight with OA – both of us regained it all back, of course. Attending OA meetings we realized we both thirsted for something more. It seemed to us that OA had changed from what we had experienced 30 years ago, in that we did not feel as comfortable speaking freely of Christ and of His role in our lives, so we kept searching.   We wanted something more - a place where we felt comfortable talking of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the intercessory powers of the Saints. Then we ran into a woman after Mass who asked us if we had ever heard about Suzanne Fowler’s Light Weigh program. After class, I went home and visited the Light Weigh website and immediately felt it was something we should investigate and ordered the Orientation DVD.


After viewing the Orientation DVD, I was very fearful and suspicious of the claims Suzanne made that I could eat any kind of food – like desserts, pizza, hamburgers, French fries, etc. After all, these were among my favorite binge foods. And, to me, eating these foods equated to eating out of control and gaining 100 pounds. But, something inside me, told me to not be afraid, but to give it a try.


We could not readily find a church in which to have our meetings, so we began our first Light Weigh One King group in our home with seven members. I lost about 23 pounds during the first 12 week program.


Light Weigh One King program has given me a new freedom – and my fear of food has been greatly reduced. I truly believe I will be able to fully achieve true peace with food through Suzanne Fowler’s Light Weigh One King program.


May God bless you all,”



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