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Dear Suzanne, 


Found What Was Missing 


“When I saw you speak at the Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference I knew I had to do something. I was 230 lbs. and wearing size 18 clothes. I wanted to start and I knew I needed a group. My sister-inlaw started her own One King group, I joined – and I am so glad I did!!! I found what I was missing, the LORD.” 


A Gift From God! 


“I would never have believed it if anyone told me this would happen because I have lost 70 pounds and am down to a size 10! I am only in my second twelve week session. I have not been at this new weight ever that I can remember. This program works! Suzanne your program is a gift from God!” 


Better Physically & Mentally 


“I feel so much better, physically and mentally. I have struggled with weight for so long and now I look in the mirror and do not recognize my reflections. That is an awesome feeling! I have irritable bowel syndrome and the way I would eat before irritated this. Once I started One King my IBS improved so much!”


Group & Tools 


“Going to my group meeting was always helpful and encouraging. We would pray before we started our meeting and we added new members. I use and love the tools we receive in One King. If I forget to use them, I struggle more throughout the day. They make a big difference for me.” 


Learned How To Handle 


“I love sweets and baked goods. One King has been a process that taught me how to handle foods I enjoy.” 

Thank you for creating Light Weigh One King! 




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