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This beautiful couple stepped out to start a One King group in Canada and ended up getting in a time machine – that made them look younger and healthier!  Weight-loss is so much more than just looking better - it turns out weight-loss is one of the most important things you can do to protect and reclaim your health.  Click here to watch the interview I did with Julie, a Cardiac Rehab Exercise Specialist who has a masters in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation.  Watch and hear from her the impact weight-loss, as you are taught to achieve in Light Weigh One King and Light Weigh, has on your health!

Hi Suzanne, and Light Weigh One King Staff, 


We have a weight loss story to share with you. My husband, Normand and I each lost 45 pounds on the Light Weigh One King program. Currently, we are on our second 12 week program of LWOK. Although Normand has reached his weight goal, I have yet to lose a few more before I reach my goal. 


We found the spiritual aspect of the program and its simplicity to be the biggest help for us and the fact that we did it as a couple, most of the time, helped us stay on track. We found the spirituality component to be life changing! Praise God for such a wonderful faith filled program, it really has changed our lives completely! 


When we plateaued, we just kept following LWOK and eventually the weight would start to decrease again. Normand has found that when he got closer to his goal, the weight was slower to go. He is in a size 32 pant from a 38 and looks 10 years younger and feels so much better and more energetic. His last visit to the doctor was the best checkup he has had in a long time, with a clean bill of health, and no more high cholesterol. I am now wearing size 8 and I used to wear size 18. People say to us all the time, that they almost didn't recognize us and wonder what we did to lose the weight.


I have been a lifetime member of Weight Watchers for years, and overweight most of the time that I belonged to WW! The freedom that Light Weigh One King has given us is amazing! I don't count calories, or points and I have whatever I want to eat, whether it’s a hamburger for breakfast or eggs for supper! No more silly old food rules for me! I really have what I want and although I am not completely free from emotional eating, I am on my way to true freedom, and I am so happy, because LWOK has given me more than any other program could have given me, and that's a closer relationship with Jesus and so much healing and freedom!   We found the group meetings to be very helpful and the journal was the key for me, it really broke the chains that had imprisoned me for the last 27 years.  Our advice to others who are on the program - Journal and use all the spiritual techniques Suzanne recommends and count your blessings! God wants us to be free and he is showing us the way though LWOK.


Thank you Suzanne for writing the program ~ it’s been a Godsend for us. 



I lost more weight since, and when I first joined I wanted to weigh 145, and now I weigh 150, but at my wedding I weighed 125, so I will wait and see where I end up. I weighed 215 when I started Light Weigh One King. (Well, I weighed 220, but I lost 5lbs testing out LWOK to see if it worked before we met as a group, so I don't think I should count the first 5 lbs) Normand is still maintaining his weight, with only a few pounds up or down, but he is staying pretty much the same and that's amazing. 

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