Join Light Weigh now sign up for weekly online zoom meetings beginning April 26th for Light Weigh Classic and April 28th for Light Weigh One King

If you are thinking about joining  Light Weigh - now is the perfect time.

Click the link to join Light Weigh CLASSIC  beginning April 26th or Light Weigh One King beginning April 28th. You will have the flexibility of watching the meetings live or at your schedule each week. You will receive a link to the live meeting the day of the meeting and a recording of that weeks session the following Sunday.  Each weeks link will be available to watch anytime that week.

If you have ordered materials within the last 12 months, you will need to order the next set of materials for the program you are in (Light Weigh One King or Classic).

Click here!


If you have NOT ordered materials within the last twelve months, you will need to rejoin the program you want to participate in (Light Weigh One King or Classic). $153.00 plus *$15.95 shipping for a total of $168.95.

To read about the difference between Light Weigh One King and Light Weigh Classic, click here.


Click here to order One King!


Click here to order Light Weigh Classic!


*Materials are shipped through the mail to your home individually.

Suzanne will coordinate the meeting.

Suzanne will discuss some of the Bible Study at the beginning of the meeting.

Suzanne will watch the weekly Light Weigh video with you.

Below are some recent testimonials:

I am so thankful to God for the Catholic enthusiasm from those joining and the technology enabling us to do this. People have joined from all over. There is tremendous energy and hope. I have heard things like:

From Norma
that's such good advice, the insight to eating AFTER. and the difference in our insightful.
From Allison
I think your ideas are great and seem to hit the mark for me. I think vulnerable is the issue for me. I will work on it

From Ruth
These Zoom meetings have kick started my weight loss! I was at a standstill until Suzanne offered these meetings! Your enthusiasm is infectious, Suzanne! I like your sage advice & mental exercises that you offer each week. I feel that peace with food is achievable for me! I have already signed up for the next Zoom sessions.

"This is an answer to my prayers."

"I have been praying for this."

"I am so thankful to be able to do the program from my home."

"Thank you so much for this."

"Nothing ever worked for me like Light Weigh."

"I love the spiritual part and I need a support group that can pray for each other."

"I could never get a group going and now I finally get to be in one."

"I have wanted to get back to this."

"It's going to be so fun having Suzanne in my group!"

See Suzanne's Saintly Kitchen video here:  Suzanne's Saintly Kitchen

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