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Become A Member –


View the One King Orientation

Join or Start a One King Group

Order your materials through your One King Coordinator

You will receive: Permission to attend the DVD series

One King Journal/Workbook

One King  Digital Audio Series download

One King Spiritual Growth Kit

Cost of Light Weigh One King - $153.00 plus S&H per person

Each repeating session is $84 plus S&H for next session materials of next in series journal and  Digital audio series.       

Easy to Participate –  Now by Zoom


Meet once a week for 90 minutes (includes Bible Study)

No Weigh-Ins

Gather in the Holy Name of Jesus (Matthew 18:20)

Learn about Peace With Food & Catholic Faith

Grow In Faith & Love

Make Friends

Encourage & Learn

Pray For Each Other

The Answers - the Catholic Faith and Jesus provide for all our problems in life.  


Start A Group –


Requuest a free orienation kit.

Hold a One King Orientation in your parish or home.

Sign-up your group members

As coordinator, if you get five new group members (not including yourself) you receive one set of materials at no charge. *This is a one time gift.  May not be combined with other offers.

Call or Fax your order in to us.

*Allow two weeks before first meeting.  Materials may arrive sooner.  

Easy to Coordinate – No prep needed; Everything at Coordinator’s fingertips    

Click here to find out more about starting a group.    


Light Weigh/One King Members Health Reports from participants:


Blood Sugar - able to be lowered, achieved healthy range & maintained consistently

Blood Pressure - problems disappear & able to get off medication

Cholesterol Levels – achieved healthy range, able to get off medication

Back, Knee & Hip Problems – improved or disappeared, avoided knee/hip replacements Pre-Diabetic Conditions – improved, avoided medication treatment

Stress – ability to handle stress greatly improved

Arthritis – improved

Depression – improved, able to get off medication or medication reduced

Panic Attacks & Anxiety – greatly improved, able to get off medication or medication reduced

Sleep Apnea – improved or disappeared

Binge Eating Disordered – overcame, received healing & health

Anorexia – overcame, received healing & health

Bulimia – overcame, received healing & health

Asthma – improved, able to get off all medication, hospitalizations avoided 

Fertility Problems – PCOS reduced, children conceived & born

Irritable Bowel Syndrome – reduced, able to get off medication

Fibromyalgia – reduced, ability to cope increased

Stomach Problems – improved or ceased

Gastric Reflux – improved or ceased

Nail Biting – ceased

Self Harming – ceased

Suicidal Thoughts – thoughts have left, several say they did not take their life because of the transformation they experienced through Light Weigh/One King.


All credit and glory for the healing & health transformations above go to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit!


*No one should stop taking any medications unless approved by your physician.


*Results not typical.  These results have been experienced & reported by Light Weigh/One King members who joined & followed the Light Weigh/One King programs, but may not happen for all who participate.


Quotes From One King Members:


“ I am truly enjoying the new video series.  I love the new journal.  Everything about One King is both new and familiar at the same time.  I am experiencing weight loss again, which has not happened for some time.  I thank God for inspiring Suzanne to create this wonderful new program!” ~ Sharon


“One King is so new and refreshing!  Everyone really likes it and there was so much in the first week we could watch it several more times.”          ~ Mary


“The new One King is even better than anticipated and the tools are priceless! I’m only half way through my weight loss journey, but I am starting to see peace with food with my favorite foods.” ~ Mo


“I got the plate with my One King set and boy am I losing weight! Already six pounds! We are learning so much and we are only in Week Two.  I love the new saints!”~ Ann


“The research and dedication you have put into this program reflects your love of Jesus, our Catholic Faith and His love for you.”~ Pat





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