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Hello Precious One!

Do you want to know how to keep your Catholic Faith vibrant? Start a Light Weigh Classic or Light Weigh One King group, or take the group you are in seriously, because when you spread the light and knowledge of Jesus Christ and the truth of God, it reflects in you!

Light Weigh Classic Group Update!

"Hi Suzanne,

It is so wonderful people have already become friends, praying for each other, losing weight, but most of all Praise the Lord the spiritual growth is fantastic. One lady walks every day and after you talked about the blessings of the Rosary she started to say it on her walk. She says at least two a day and the miracle is - she has not said a Rosary for at least 5 years. We praise the Lord and I know Blessed Mother is smiling. We all had tears. They love the Catholic program. Blessings Joyce"

The above update is a perfect example of the fruit of a group.

Vibrancy is a gift that happens when life takes on purpose. Purpose does not mean busy work or running to and fro. Purpose comes from uniting our sacrifices to the Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross. Vibrant faith is a gift of the Holy Spirit.

Focus on the gift of Light Weigh. Focus on the humility it takes to unite with Jesus in both the easy and hard sacrifices and you will find the peace and vibrancy you seek.

Vibrant groups are starting all over the country and this is a great time to begin, as it will make the holidays come alive and be much more enjoyable.

Do your part to keep your group vibrant by doing your Bible study and using the tools you connect with in the program. What can you do? Resist having an all or nothing attitude. Do what you can do each day. If you stumble, turn to your journal and figure it out for next time.

God is doing so much in Light Weigh! The light is shining in the darkness! Be a part of it!

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


Suzanne's Other Life

When not working in or on Light Weigh, I am working in or on family!

I finally completed the pink washable velvet baby blankets & pillow I made for Elodie's first birthday. The material is slippery and I could never find a zipper foot that would work on my machine ~ need I say more? #Frustration. I decided to go rogue and use my regular sewing foot to put the zipper in the pillow cover & MIRACULOUSLY it worked! "Thank You Jesus!" I sew in the dining room and so I have had to put everything away and pull it back out several times, but finally and happily I am done. This blanket and pillow make me want to take a nap. I am hoping it has the same affect on Elodie Marie!

I have also been making four loaves at a time of St. Francis of Assisi Pumpkin Bread from my second BFII cookbook and freezing them to ship to our oldest son in California and for those who constantly eat it here. It is seriously the best pumpkin bread I have ever tasted.

Have a super blessed week!


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