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Danielle's Story!

Hello Precious One!

Danielle from Canada is pictured above. She told me she has lost 25 pounds on Light Weigh One King! The first 20 pounds came off in the first 12 week session and then five more pounds were lost in the next session. Danielle stayed with LWOK a year and has kept her weight off for several years!

She told me how much LWOK changed her spiritual life by causing her, through the Bible study, to read Sacred Scripture. She has a new found love for the Bible!

Danielle also said that although raised Catholic, the concept of sacrifice was completely foreign to her. She loves offering things to Jesus and has used it to help many people, as well as lose weight.

Danielle said she tells everyone in Canada about LWOK and encourages people to do this life changing program.

Thank you Danielle for sharing your story and your picture! It helps us all to feel we know you now. Please everyone pray for Danielle and ask God to continue to bless her with health and to remain cancer free.

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


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