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When Too Begin?

Do we ever wonder if we live our lives to the fullest? We know we do if we have peace and your eating is a sign if you have peace or still need to work on it. Peace is only possible with God. Peace with God, peace with yourself and peace with food is the goal of Light Weigh programs. Peace in these areas is achieved as we grow nearer to God and learn to put His desires first. From spiritual growth comes discipline. From discipline comes the ability to sacrifice. From sacrifice comes spiritual strength and deepening closeness to God. From spiritual strength and closeness to God, comes peace. From peace comes true freedom. This is how we know we are living our life to the fullest, and by the way, God wants that for us. The time to pursue peace on all fronts is NOW!

When we grow in faith and trust, we discover the joy of a small child who is not constantly weighed down with cares, regrets or worries. A small child greets each day with faith that their father and mother will take care of them - this is why parenting and parents are so important. The child if raised in a loving home, trusts and lets things unfold.

Whether we have been raised in a loving home or not, we may have the faith and trust in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as a small child would have in a loving parent. As much as parents love a child, God loves the child even more, and each of us is that child! God's love is all filling, all transforming and all trustworthy. He loves no one more than He loves you. Rest in that.

This lent, nurture trust of Jesus in your heart. Jesus I trust in You! Light Weigh takes you through the steps to find peace. Readjust your mindset and heart-set if you need too. Resist the temptation to run away. Stay in the desert with Jesus.

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


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