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Faith In God Is Good For You!

photo: Anna Therese Fowler copyright 2015

Study finds religious faith is good for you, helps you cope, influences disease progression & increases your survival rate! Thank You God!!!

A recent study published in the Liver Transplantation journal yielded results supporting previous studies, finding that religion and faith have the power to “influence disease progression.” The study monitored 179 liver transplant patients for four years, whose transplants occurred between January 2004 and December 2007. Those being studied (most were male) filled out a “religiosity” questionnaire at the beginning of the study.

Patients studied who were “seeking God” had a much better survival rate (up to three times more likely to survive!) than patients who did not have religious beliefs. Specifically the study found patients with “high religious coping,” who actively sought “God’s help” and trusted their religious beliefs had “more prolonged post-transplant survival than patients with low religiosity.” Dr. Franco Bonaguidi, who led the study said, “We found that an active search for God, … rather than generic destiny, had a positive impact on patient survival. The personal relationship between the patient and God, …positively affected survival.” The liver transplant study confirmed similar results obtained in other studies done on heart patients, kidney dialysis patients and HIV patients, also showing survival rates were best for religious patients.

Two years after receiving a transplant, the religious patients were three times more likely to survive than those without faith.

Three years after transplant, 20% of the non-religious patients had died, as opposed to only 7% of patients with faith in God.

A study participant told researchers, they “recovered” their life through the will of God, which made them “feel strong and calm.”

Copyright Suzanne Fowler 2015

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