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Right Now! VS. True Freedom

Hello Precious One!

I love Easter and we are so blessed the Easter season lasts for fifty days until the pouring out of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost! God always knows what He is doing, and the Crucifixion and Resurrection are perfect examples of this fact. Even though we love “instant,” the Resurrection meant more because it was not instant. The suffering of the Crucifixion had to happen as it did for many spiritual reasons.

People were crying out to Jesus, to save Himself, but there really is something to the fact that He did not resurrect “instantly” at the very moment, although those who loved Him would have loved it. Even if He had resurrected instantly at the moment after death, many people would have still rejected Him, accusing Him of the same things they accused Him of when He performed other miracles. Also resurrecting instantly would not allow people to absorb the power of what He accomplished, freely gave and fully Sacrificed – as in everything! Being in the tomb for three days allowed the Apostles and others who loved Him to actually feel what life was like in His absence.

Waiting is a process the world resists and can’t we all relate to this? We want it now! We especially want good things now, and while this is completely normal, it is not how God often works. Why? Because He knows us!!! :) A “Right Now!” set of diet rules does not bring us true freedom and true freedom is what we really seek. Light Weigh One King and Light Weigh teach you peace with food because we don’t just need “another diet.” We need to deal with the emotional reasons we turn to food. If you are willing to take the Hand of Jesus and begin to walk with Him through either twelve-week Light Weigh One King or Light Weigh program, you will see this process unfolding for you.

Purple, yellow and white are the traditional Easter colors because they represent the Easter victory. Life overcomes death and the Light overcomes darkness – this is the power of God! Candles and light are prominent in Easter for this very reason. Pick up your Light Weigh candle and go forth! Embrace what God has used in Light Weigh to give hope, healing, weight-loss and peace with food, along with mental, spiritual and physical health to thousands. The Easter season is a great time to begin!

“Then Jesus spoke to them saying, ‘I am the light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


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