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You Are Prayed For!

Prayer Insight & Prayer Thank You!

The wonderful blessing of Light Weigh intention is we benefit from prayers even when we don't know who we are praying for. I try to pray a Rosary every day for Light Weigh friends and associates, sometimes for someone very special like Mary Ann [One King coordinator who suffered a brain injury from falling on ice], but also for anyone who needs prayers. I had spinal surgery for spinal stenosis on April 1, [not related to my car accident] and am almost ready to shed my cervical brace. I know my success has come through your prayers. Thank you, and I hope my prayers have helped you too.” ~ Mo J

(You may remember Mo who miraculously survived the “Bug Mo” car crash when she was praying along with the Light Rosary CD.)

“Therefore confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man has great power in its effects.” James 5:16

Hello Precious One!

I have always felt a connection with Light Weigh and Light Weigh One King members. I almost feel like someone standing on a hill looking across a valley. You think you see something that you know is from God, you feel it, and then it is hidden again, but it was there and by faith in God, you know it still is there. I really feel the prayers we have all been doing for one another are like this. Brice and his terrible burns brought forth a coming together. His mom Kate, had heard an interior warning on a retreat that something big was going to happen. When she asked how she would get through what was coming she distinctly heard the words “Light Weigh.” Less than a week after she told us that, her young son Brice was horribly burned. Everyone rallied and God used the offerings and prayers sent to Him on behalf of Brice to work a miracle. Now so many others have felt this power of Light Weigh prayers to God for them, moving in their lives.

What Mo said above is so amazing and so true! You are being prayed for by thousands of Light Weigh member you do not know and you are praying for thousands of Light Weigh members you do not know. The great, grand and Godly news is that God uses all these prayers to help each of us! It is like being a member of a family! Your Light Weigh family! Members respond like family in emergencies, but also pray for one another daily. It is really quite beautiful.

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


P.S. - Remember to check the blog portions of the website each week for new testimonials posted Monday, new Saints recipe posted Tuesday & new Health News posted Wednesday!

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