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Which One Is Real Sugar?

Which one of these is real sugar?

If you guessed all of them - you are ……wrong! I used to be wrong too! I thought if something said “sugar” or “brown sugar” it meant real sugar, as in real cane sugar.

It turns out – the word “sugar” means beet sugar! All sugar beets in the United States are genetically modified (GMO) to contain Round-up weed killer. This means Round-up weed killer is inbred into the plant. They spray the beet field with Round-up to kill the weeds and the GMO sugar beets are not bothered by the Round-up, because they contain it! My daughter who is like a Geiger counter to GMO food, was always bothered by the brown sugar I used – and now I know why!!! It was brown GMO beet sugar!

Pure cane sugar says Pure Cane Sugar or Organic on the label, like these.

So look for it and only buy it!

It turns out the little Hawaiian C&H Pure Cane Sugar girl knew what she was doing, because as I recall, she was not c

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