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Sugar or GMO Beet Sugar?

We all know the articles which tell us how bad soda pop is for our health, because of all the “sugar.” Now I AM NOT ADVOCATING SODA POP – but I want to make an interesting point.

I recently discovered that when a product says “sugar” it does not mean cane sugar. Cane sugar and products that contain cane sugar – identify the sugar as cane sugar because cane sugar costs more.

Sugar listed by itself, means sugar-beet sugar. We have already established that all sugar-beets in the USA are GMO (genetically modified). GMO in sugar-beets means Roundup weed killer has been inserted into the actual plant and so infuses itself into the plant. This allows the field to be sprayed with weed killer, without killing the sugar- beets, because they contain weed killer and so are immune to it.

Target sells “brown sugar” which is - brown beet sugar. Target sells big bags marked “Sugar” next to the C&H Pure Cane Sugar, but the Target sugar is - beet sugar. Vendors are not required to distinguish beet sugar.

I have realized that the pop that says “Real Sugar” does not mean cane sugar. It is virtually impossible to find pop made with cane sugar.

Pop contains corn syrup (Corn is also GMO) or beet-sugar listed as “real sugar." Is this really why pop is so bad for you? They talk about the sugar in prepared food – but the majority of “that sugar” is from GMO corn & GMO beets. Think about it.

Now I want to stress again – I am not advocating drinking pop with real sugar, but I do think some in moderation, is fine on rare occasions. It is just the issue with sugar, that is not pure cane sugar, which I think is causing much of the problem – in that the sugar that IS really bad for you is never identified as GMO corn sugar and GMO beet sugar. There is a reason for this by the way.

There is a reason “they” do not want to tell you if food contains GMO ingredients by marking it. Even though it’s so “good” for you – if it’s so “good” for you, why do they not want you to know about it? Sherlock moment.

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