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Get Ready To Be Inspired!!!


I made this for our bulletin and thought it might be something others could use.

Also, as an update: we are in the middle of our session - the third one for some of the members. Each session has added so much for the repeat members! And one of our new members is down about 15 lbs and off her insulin medication. Fantastic! Thanks,” ~ Denise

“…for God is at work in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.” Philippians 2:13

Hello Precious One!

I hope your summer is going well! Look at this amazing bulletin announcement designed by Denise, a One King Coordinator – it is so inspiring and totally captures the essence of Light Weigh One King and Light Weigh! I love it. Now you have to use it! It is the perfect announcement to herald your fall group and that is the best thing to do now. People are searching. Someone out there is feeling hopeless. They may be just what they need to see.

I have had several updates from groups – see if you relate to any of these:

One group was discouraged, but had the courage to look at what they were not doing to be successful. They realized the journal and Bible study had made a difference, but had quit using them in the busyness of summer. They are now challenging themselves to pray for each other and use the materials. They will experience the difference this makes!

One lady called whose doctor was encouraging diet pills which cost $255! I was blessed to speak with her and we came up with a strategy that is going to work – planning her evening out without blocks of time where she is undirected. She is going to schedule time for journal use and Bible study, as well as use the other tools in the program. She is going to remove her problem food from the house for now. She is also advertising her group for the fall – because new members bring new momentum! All this is WAY BETTER than spending hard earned money on diet pills, which never fix the underlying reasons for going to food and do not teach you peace with food.

Some are doing great and so glad they continued in the summer, even though with vacations, not all members have been there, they still feel connected to the program and the connection makes a difference. They are progressing and moving through the program, ordering new journals and audios and keeping it vibrant.

Keep the Faith! Make your plans for fall! God is working in you and will help you!

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


P.S. Small groups are more important now than ever!!! Keep going and start reserving your rooms for fall. It isn’t up to any one of us – but it is up to each of us!

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