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Study - Soybean Oil Worse Than Sugar!?

A study done by University of California – Riverside, found the polyunsaturated fat soybean oil causes more obesity and diabetes that a diet high in fructose or a diet containing saturated fat (fructose is the sugar found in most soda and processed foods).

In the study, scientists fed mice four different diets that contained 40% fat. The diets were separated as follows: the first diet - used straight coconut oil (saturated fat), the second diet - half the coconut oil was replaced with soybean oil (polyunsaturated fat), and the third and fourth diets - added fructose to the ratio of the first and second diets in an amount comparable to the fructose consumed by many Americans. Each diet contained the same number of calories and the food consumed by the mice was comparable.

The study was looking at the effect of saturated fat oils verses polyunsaturated fat oils and the effect of combining fructose with saturated verses polyunsaturated oils.

Of the four diets – the second diet containing half coconut oil and half polyunsaturated soybean oil was the worst. Soybean oil was the common denominator in the two worst diets however. The mice on second diet consuming half fat from soybean oil - gained the most weight (25% more) than those who consumed the same amount of fat from straight coconut oil, they also had larger fat deposits, fatty liver with signs of injury, diabetes and insulin resistance, which are both part of Metabolic Syndrome. On the half soybean oil/fructose diet, mice gained (12% more weight) than mice who ate the fructose coconut oil combination. The soybean oil/ fructose diet showed less severe metabolic effects than those found than on the coconut oil/soybean oil diet, but more negative effects were found in the kidneys, along with a marked increase in prolapsed rectums, which is a symptom of IBS (inflammatory bowel disease). IBS, like obesity, is on the rise in society. This study sheds great light onto why both obesity and IBS are increasing; our food has changed and the effects of the change are causing severe health problems for many. The mice eating straight coconut oil or coconut oil/fructose did not experience the negative results.

The paper written on the study stated, “Soybean oil is more obesogenic and diabetogenic than coconut oil and fructose in mouse: potential role for liver.” The assistant project scientist director Poonamjot Deol said, “This was a major surprise for us – that soybean oil is causing more obesity and diabetes than fructose – especially when you see headlines everyday about the potential role of sugar consumption in the current obesity epidemic.”

It is fascinating to consider the fact in light of this study, that the answer to America’s growing obesity and health problems has been hidden in plain sight and marketed brilliantly as a “healthy oil.” Processed food is not good for you – but not because of the sugar! It is the soybean oil/vegetable oil in virtually all processed food that has caused the problem!!! Look at the facts – The consumption of soybean oil has greatly increased over the last four decades, due to faulty nutritional studies which linked saturated fats to heart disease. This steady soybean oil consumption increase tracks the health problems that have increased! But there is something else to realize – The MASSIVE “health” and advertising campaign waged against saturated fats coincided with a marked increase in soybean cultivation in the United States – and it is not too hard to figure out what happened next. A lot of people made a MASSIVE amount of money because of the change that occurred in food. Soybean oil is super cheap – but it turns out – also super dangerous for our health.

This study is one of the few side by side studies ever done. And that should also tell you something.

Get off all soybean/vegetable oil, corn oil, canola oil, cottonseed oil and all margarine.

Use real butter, coconut oil and olive oil. Light Weigh programs teach you how to eat real food and lose weight and achieve peace with real food! It is possible! Step out and join or start a group and find the way God wants to show you! Call us for an orientation kit if you want to start a group in your parish or home!

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