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Sustained Happiness!!!

Hello Precious One!

I have been swept up in many things these past weeks: children returning from France, finishing my new Saints feast day cookbook Building the Family II, school starting, attending the funeral of a 90 year old friend and making food for his family. Many of the recipes I took are in my new cookbook and everyone was asking me for the recipes!

There was a new study done regarding the social activities associated with sustained happiness, where researchers looked at four areas: volunteering or working in a charity, taking educational courses, participating in a church or last, participating in a political or community organization. Of the four social activities, participating in a church was the only social activity that promoted sustained happiness. I am not surprised by this, because this is what we hear from members in Light Weigh & Light Weigh One King groups! We also know about the weight-loss study that found people who met in church based weight-loss groups had the most success with weight-loss!

I saw the evidence of the happiness being involved in church brings, at the funeral I attended for my ninety year old friend, who had been very active in his parish. He was one of the happiest and most upbeat people I ever knew. I left his funeral, not wanting to do less, but wanting to do more for the Catholic Faith! Faith is an ongoing process and the minute you no longer “have the time” to be involved at church, that is when you will see your happiness begin to erode.

Light Weigh groups impact individuals, families and parishes. Light Weigh groups form friendships, networks and bring people out of isolation. Light Weigh groups help people to achieve physical and mental health, as well as spiritual health. Jesus needs His “light spreaders” and so does our Catholic Faith! Summer is coming to a close or is over in many areas – take charge of your life and help others take charge of theirs and start a group today!

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


P.S. Register online for the upcoming retreat at St. Cyril’s in Jamison, Pennsylvania!

(In the Philadelphia area.) It is going to be an AWESOME faith filled time! Do not let anything keep you away, because I cannot wait to meet you! If you are not at your “goal” don’t let the darkside intimidate you from coming, because you are precious to God and to me! I will have my new cookbook there and it is AMAZING because of what God inspired to go in it! I can’t wait to get a copy myself! :)

Prayer & Sacrifice Intentions:

For a One King member, whose daughter Dana (also a member) passed away suddenly and for Dana’s soul.

For the soul of Jerry and his widow Rosemary and their children

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