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Finding Sustained Happiness!!!

Hello Precious One!

These little sunflowers have made it through the summer better than most other flowers, and they are standing strong together! Last week's Light Mail about Sustained Happiness had one of the highest open rates and a lot of people also shared it on Facebook - because we are all looking for sustained happiness. We seek sustained happiness, like we seek weight-loss success, but we constantly undermine ourselves in the search. It is our human nature that causes us to resist, that which really works! We do not need to search any further - we just need to overcome our resistance to what works.

The first thing to overcome is our resistance to a group meeting. Why? Three reasons: Last week we saw the study that church based groups form the basis for the greatest sustained happiness. We also have two other separate studies that show meeting in a group increases individual weight-loss success,but in addition, church based groups have the greatest weight-loss success of all groups that were studied!

Coming together, during the week helps us to not compartmentalize our Faith, as it gives yet another opportunity after Mass, to be filled. We are getting ready to come together at the St. Cyril's Women's Retreat in two weeks! The Recharge, Refresh & Renew Retreat is almost here! I am feeling so strongly about this retreat - it is going to recharge refresh & renew all those in attendance by the grace of God! And we all need recharging, refreshing & renewing! It is going to be a powerful time and God is going to use this retreat to work in many lives. We have had phone calls asking about hotels the Holiday Inn Express is near St. Cyril's. Do not miss the opportunity God is providing for us to come together and if you can drive in - do it! I personally cannot wait!

My new Building the Family II - Saints Feast Day Cookbook (all new Saints & recipes) is supposed to arrive today and I am bringing it to the retreat! This new Saints cookbook is awesome! Everyone loves the first Building the Family Cookbook and I cannot wait for you to add this one and use it in your families too! I put St. Cyril of Jerusalem in the new cookbook with a special recipe that is one of my family's favorites in honor of the retreat! You will be able to go to the retreat and get home in time to make your family a great faith-filled dinner! We are going to have a spiritually charged and blessed time - so don't miss out!

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


P.S. Register online for the upcoming retreat at St. Cyril’s in Jamison, Pennsylvania!

(In the Philadelphia area.) It is going to be an AWESOME faith filled time! Do not let anything keep you away, because I cannot wait to meet you! If you are not at your “goal” don’t let the darkside intimidate you from coming, because you are precious to God and to me! I will have my new cookbook there and it is AMAZING because of what God inspired to go in it! I can’t wait to get a copy myself! :)

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