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An Invitation!

Hello Precious One!

The St. Cyril's Retreat in Jamison, Pennsylvania is around the corner and I cannot wait to go there and speak!!! The women on the retreat committee have traveled to eleven parishes, handed out 3,000 flyers and gone into Pennsylvania to spread the word! They have arranged for a wonderful box lunch so this retreat will be fun and spiritually restorative! Register today so they know you are coming - as you can only do so much at the last minute!

Retreats are like Light Weigh groups, because they draw women and men of all ages and this is a great thing. It is one of the ways you can learn and be inspired. I just had a Canadian One King member tell me how much she has learned from the young women in her group and how they have inspired her! Groups are reforming, forming and reordering and I have heard so many awesome stories that happened over the summer that I will be sharing soon!

The St. Cyril's retreat is going to inspire each one of us, because the Holy Spirit and Jesus will be there working through the message, words and in our hearts!

Register today for an inspiring faith filled time!

Hope to see you there!

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


P.S. Register online for the upcoming retreat at St. Cyril’s in Jamison, Pennsylvania!

(In the Philadelphia area.) It is going to be an AWESOME faith filled time! Do not let anything keep you away, because I cannot wait to meet you! If you are not at your “goal” don’t let the darkside intimidate you from coming, because you are precious to God and to me! I will have my new cookbook there and it is AMAZING because of what God inspired to go in it! I can’t wait to get a copy myself! :)

My new Building the Family II - Saints Feast Day Cookbook (all new Saints & recipes) is supposed to arrive today and I am bringing it to the retreat! This new Saints cookbook is awesome! Everyone loves the first Building the Family Cookbook and I cannot wait for you to add this one and use it in your families too! I put St. Cyril of Jerusalem in the new cookbook with a special recipe that is one of my family's favorites in honor of the retreat! You will be able to go to the retreat and get home in time to make your family a great faith-filled dinner! We are going to have a spiritually charged and blessed time - so don't miss out!

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