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September is the best time to Start!

Hello Precious One!

September is the best time to start a Light Weigh or One King Bible Study!

I just talked with Elaine who is taking over her One King group from her long time coordinator (thank you Becky!) Rather than let the light go out, Elaine stepped forward and picked up the candle! This is what we need to be doing because it continues to spread the Light of Christ! Elaine loves One King and told me the DVD's are amazing and potent! She is on fire for the Catholic Faith and cannot wait to start the next session. She has sent bulletin announcements to other parishes and her group is helping her spread the word about the One King Orientation in two weeks!

Elaine is forward thinking - because she realized, starting in two weeks will keep group progress and momentum. And starting in September means they can start again in January! Weigh to go Elaine!

We need to be evangelizing and starting One King & Light Weigh Bible Studies that get members on fire for the Catholic Faith, form people, affect their spiritual, physical and mental health and provide a support network. It is just a "real-real good thing to do!" As in eternally real-real good!

Grab the opportunity, not the next snack. Get your bulletin announcements going and start your group! Ask people in your current group to help you get the word out on Facebook, other parish bulletins, other small groups and friends. Invite someone new or in your neighborhood to your orientation. They may not know anything about Catholicism, but joining a One King or Light Weigh Bible Study group is a great way for them to learn about the fullness of truth! Light Weigh One King & Light Weigh are powerful spiritually and temporally - do not let the opportunity pass! Be like Elaine and pick up the candle joyfully!

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


P.S. Remember we are all works in progress! What separates us is we are still trying and have not given up! If you are still trying, you are answering God's call. It is not your weight that matters - it's your heart for God that counts!!!

P.S. Register online for the upcoming retreat at St. Cyril’s in Jamison, Pennsylvania!

(In the Philadelphia area.) It is going to be an AWESOME faith filled time! Do not let anything keep you away, because I cannot wait to meet you! If you are not at your “goal” don’t let the darkside intimidate you from coming, because you are precious to God and to me! I will have my new cookbook there and it is AMAZING because of what God inspired to go in it! I can’t wait to get a copy myself! :)

My new Building the Family II - Saints Feast Day Cookbook (all new Saints & recipes) is supposed to arrive today and I am bringing it to the retreat! This new Saints cookbook is awesome! Everyone loves the first Building the Family Cookbook and I cannot wait for you to add this one and use it in your families too! I put St. Cyril of Jerusalem in the new cookbook with a special recipe that is one of my family's favorites in honor of the retreat! You will be able to go to the retreat and get home in time to make your family a great faith-filled dinner! We are going to have a spiritually charged and blessed time - so don't miss out!

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