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You Will Be Blessed!

Hello Precious One!

I went to a three night mission at my parish last week and it inspired me! The priest was speaking on evangelization - the importance, the process and the pitfalls. It was really interesting and it gave me a lot to ponder. He quoted Pope Francis who said about evangelization, "Let us try a little harder to take the first step and to become involved.... 'you will be blessed if you do this.'" The priest spoke of the importance of every person taking the first step. He spoke of the importance of evangelization and formation and the power found in small group Bible studies.He also talked about the pitfalls we fall into: waiting for someone else to do something, waiting for the perfect moment to talk to or invite someone and also wanting to convert people just by our joy. He spoke of the practical necessity of concrete action and formation, and also the temptation to avoid concrete action and commitment.

Light Weigh One King & Light Weigh are concrete action, commitment based programs, where you basically build God a power plant! A power plant that receives and sends out spiritual power in all directions: from God, back to God, to you, to members, to members families, to friends, to situations, to the parish, to the Church, to the world, AND Light Weigh forms souls - which affects eternity!

So many One King & Light Weigh coordinators have changed lives by allowing God to use them to start this program and keep it going! Now is the time to begin again. Many are "called" to this program and lives have been forever changed. Start a One King or Light Weigh group this fall and change a life or lives. Evangelize this fall through these programs; "you will be blessed if you do this."

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


P.S. Remember we are all works in progress! What separates us is we are still trying and have not given up! If you are still trying, you are answering God's call. It is not your weight that matters - it's your heart for God that counts!!!

P.S. Register online for the upcoming retreat at St. Cyril’s in Jamison, Pennsylvania!

(In the Philadelphia area.) It is going to be an AWESOME faith filled time! Do not let anything keep you away, because I cannot wait to meet you! If you are not at your “goal” don’t let the darkside intimidate you from coming, because you are precious to God and to me! I will have my new cookbook there and it is AMAZING because of what God inspired to go in it! I can’t wait to get a copy myself! :)

My new Building the Family II - Saints Feast Day Cookbook (all new Saints & recipes) is supposed to arrive today and I am bringing it to the retreat! This new Saints cookbook is awesome! Everyone loves the first Building the Family Cookbook and I cannot wait for you to add this one and use it in your families too! I put St. Cyril of Jerusalem in the new cookbook with a special recipe that is one of my family's favorites in honor of the retreat! You will be able to go to the retreat and get home in time to make your family a great faith-filled dinner! We are going to have a spiritually charged and blessed time - so don't miss out!

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