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Spiritual Hunger!

Hello Precious One!

We have just seen spiritual hunger on display with the visit from Holy Father Pope Francis! People flocked to see him and people of all faiths were drawn to watch him. Pope Francis was evangelizing Christ and the need for Christ by his very presence. He canonized St. Junipero Serra who is one of my personal favorites and also said people have the right to conscientious objection in the workplace if you are ordered to do something that is against your Faith or conscience.

"On the flight back to Rome, he [Pope Francis] was asked if he supported individuals, including government officials, who refuse to abide by some laws, such as issuing marriage licenses to gays. 'Conscientious objection must enter into every juridical structure because it is a right,' Francis said. Earlier this month a city official in the U.S. state of Kentucky, Kim Davis, went to jail because she refused to issue a marriage license to a gay couple following a Supreme Court decision to make homosexual marriage legal."

This kind of clarity is so important, because our foundational beliefs in Catholicism and Christianity are being challenged and undermined. The Nuremberg Trials after World War II were about this very thing, as Nazi's were tried because they had followed orders that violated the laws of truth placed by God in every human heart. The chief prosecutor Robert Jackson (appointed by President Truman) said, "What we propose is to punish acts which have been recognized as criminal since the time of Cain and have been so written in every civilized code." The goal of the Nuremberg trials was to remind the world that individuals would be accountable for immoral acts, even if ordered to commit them in wartime.

Keeping God's laws protects EVERYONE. God's laws are boundaries and wake-up calls that when kept help EVERYONE. Christianity is the foundation of the very "American" society that everyone from around the world flocks too. Remove Christianity and it will all fall down! If you doubt this look at other nonChristian countries and how they treat the very groups (feminists, homosexuals, women, the disabled & infirm) some of which attack Christianity and view Christianity as their enemy! Christianity takes the long view - as in the eternal view - and is not based in the immediacy of the flesh, its desires or political correctness.

There has never been a more important time to run a small group! Spiritual hunger is evident everywhere we turn. Now is the time to help others, our Faith and yourself by starting a Light Weigh One King or Light Weigh group, which forms people and frees people to be the lights for Christ, God intends for them to be!

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


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