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Prayer & Sacrifice Speeding Recovery!

Hello Precious One!

Hello Precious One!

St. Therese is such an inspiration! It never ceases to amaze me the difference prayer & sacrifice makes in outcomes! But I know you are seeing it too! Jan, a One King member, has gone through extensive back surgery, which required much metal hardware. Jan wrote a beautiful note that I wanted to share with you. It shows how her group is helping Jan in her recovery, by praying and sacrificing to God for her and she has been on Light Weigh's prayer & sacrifice list too. Jan in turn is remembering us all in her prayers and sacrifices every Saturday! What a tremendous blessing! Please keep pouring it on for Jan and everyone on our prayer & sacrifice list!

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


"Suzanne, I wanted to share something with you. I am a member of the LWOK group at St. Joseph the Worker Church in Orefield, PA. I am currently in a Rehabilitation center because I had back surgery last month. I had my lumbar spine straightened and fused. I have been offering my prayers and sacrifices on every Saturday for over a year for Light Weigh members and their intentions. Our LWOK group has been praying and sacrificing for my successful surgery and recovery. I had two surgeries, because some hardware came loose after the first surgery. I thank God that this problem was found quickly. This could have caused more damage. I am making a rapid recovery. One month after my surgery I am walking with a walker. I'll be in Rehabilitation for a few more weeks. I am sure all the prayers and sacrifices are helping me recover.

Something special happened this last weekend while you were on retreat. A church sent their two flower arrangements to my rehab. I was sad on Sunday, because I could not be at my granddaughter's first birthday, so the nurse gave me one of the arrangements. Two big sunflowers were in the center of the arrangement. I felt it was a thumb's up from God. He cares so much for me to get those sunflowers to me. But it was also a gift to you and the LWOK groups. We are doing His work by following LWOK. God bless you all."


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