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Hello Precious One!

Hello Precious One!Have you ever had a reluctant friend? And can the word "reluctant" even be used with "friend"? You may have had an experience and been a friend to someone, but then when you needed their assistance, they were reluctant to or simply would not help you. I had this experience with someone and I have seen them treat others the same way. It is not good to be a one-way street with anyone, but most especially with God!

How does God get the word out about Himself? How does Light Weigh One King or Light Weigh spread? It spreads through Orientations, small groups, person to person and heart to heart. God calls someone by placing a desire or question in their heart. St. Andrew just asked Jesus, "Where are you lodging?" And Jesus responded, "Come and see." God places the call in someone's heart through a question. With Light Weigh the questions are simple, "Is there a group in my area?" or "How could that work?" or "Could you let me know if a group starts?" or "Does it work?" or "How could I do this?" or "I wonder if anyone would come?"

God doesn't call the enabled, He enables the called! Trust Him. Step out. Give your efforts for Him to Him. Put the Orientation announcement in your bulletin and let Him call the people, because He will! It feels so good to respond to God's call! It is when we run from Him that we never have peace. Now is a great time to form a group because you will enjoy the holidays more!!!

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


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