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Rowing with St. Peter Alcantara​!

Hello Precious One!

Oh there is so much to say - I wish I could have everyone over for hot coffee on this chilly day! Today, October 19th, is the Feast of St. Peter Alcantara (in the new Building the Family II Cookbook) and he is a wonderful and powerful Saint! We have a tradition in our family where we each make a list of our requests to God and we give them to St. Peter Alcantara on his feast day for his intercession with Jesus for us. Then we pray the family Rosary. Make your own list for St. Peter Alcantara today!

Yesterday I went to my son Brendan's rowing team regatta competition, "The Jayhawk Jamboree" taking place on the Kaw River against several other colleges. Brendan (5th from the right) was explaining to me some of the "Rules of Rowing":

~Everyone must row in unison or it messes everything up. This is so important they have a coxswain in the stern of the boat, who faces the rowers. The coxswain is responsible for steering, coordinating the power and rhythm of the rowers, and motivating the rowers!

~Everyone must pull their own weight. If for some reason you lose your oar or are unable to row, you are supposed to jump into the river (everyone knows how to swim!) and be picked up by boats waiting to do just that. This is because your weight will slow everything down if you are unable to row and your team will not move as fast to win.

St. Peter Alcantara was a spiritual rower and he said, "Truly, matters in the world are in a bad state; but if you and I begin in earnest to reform ourselves, a really good beginning will have been made."

The point is - we all have to row in this spiritual boat of Light Weigh One King or Light Weigh! But great news - You do not have to throw yourself in the river if you have lost your way! You have to begin again, reconnect with your materials and use them, because this is how you row and move forward. You must not impede the progress of others by undermining the program or talking at meetings about ways around Light Weigh eating such as juice machines, supplements or old diet rules. I just heard about a group, where several women are clinging to "old diet rules" and trying to practice it with Light Weigh eating - WHICH DOES NOT WORK. This has gone on to undermine the success of others in the group because it interrupts the necessary rhythm of rowing together with the same goals. The goal in Light Weigh is peace with God, peace with yourself and peace with food. This means you must do your part - like each rower in the boat. This process begins with reform of self - not reform of food! Row on!

This is a FANTASTIC time to form a group in the fall! So do not miss out on the opportunity!

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


P.S. The new cookbook is available now and everyone loves it! Don't miss the great fall recipes and Saints stories!

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