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Happy Feast of All Souls​!

Hello Precious One!

Happy Feast of All Souls!

Yesterday was the Feast of All Saints and today is the Feast of All Souls. Yesterday at Mass I learned about the stages of spiritual growth stated by St. Teresa of Avila. I was struck by how well it fit with Light Weigh and Light Weigh One King! Some of the elements that stood out to me are: we can always find areas to improve, we can give and then begin to withhold from God in certain areas or even backslide in areas we had succeeded in uniting to Him and we need to persevere!

This caused me to reflect in my own life, because really, if you are not moving forward, you are going backward. Comfort is the death of spiritual growth and every day, every moment is an opportunity to set ourselves aside out of love for God and others. Setting ourselves aside may mean doing something we do not want to do, but God is calling us to do. My strong advice for this time of year is, do not get "comfortable" and do not fight being "called." This means - stay in your group and push yourselves by using the tools of the program you are in, to submit your will to God's will for you. If you are not in a group and want to find one - start one! You are like someone who looks for water continually, but needs to just dig to the wellspring you are standing on! By digging your own well, as in starting your own group, you help yourself and others, but most of all you help God to reach hearts who would otherwise remain dry!

I am from Kansas City, and the Kansas City Royals just showed the world last night, the power of perseverance and never giving up!!! Sorry New York Light Weigh groups! :) Seriously - even I thought the game was OVER, but my husband reminded me how they had turned it around in the eighth inning the night before. See how quickly I forgot and began to doubt! I steeled myself, and watched see the Royals turn it around completely in the ninth inning!!! And win the World Series!!!

We are all in the ninth inning of the year. We have just made it through the "candyfest" and as we head into the holidays, many will be tempted to give up until January. Do not do it!!! Do not quit physically, mentally or spiritually. With God's help we can do this! You will enjoy the holidays so much more if you stay with it and most importantly stay with Him!

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


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