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Path to Heaven!

A Note from Glastonbury Abbey ~

"The [One King] material and course was very helpful and our group learned a boat load about eating and lost an average of 12 lbs. each. Thank you for all your hard work and thank you for helping us along our path back to heaven.

All the best to you and your families."

Hello Precious One!

I have really been thinking about the interconnectedness of things. St. Therese understood this mystical truth, which may be summed up in that we are interconnected. Sin in one place affects the person and does not stay confined, but spreads, and so affects us all. But the great, grand and Godly news is that the good sacrifices, prayers and efforts united to the Cross of Christ, also affect the person and do not stay confined, but spread to affect us all! They also affect eternity in ways we may only struggle to comprehend.

Jesus tells us, I would even say warns and directs us, "Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction...the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it." I want to be one of the few who find it! But I want you to be one of the few too! We must stay vigilant if we are to find the narrow way, and it is a daily vigilance, and in many ways, an hourly or minute by minute vigilance.

Groups are starting even at this time of year - and that is so wonderful! You will enjoy the holidays more, not less, by being in a One King or Light Weigh group. At a time of year when many are feeling out of control, battling with dieting verses "real food" or giving up until January, you will have a totally different focus. You will be deepening your relationship with Jesus while you enjoy the foods of the season - but most importantly, you are spreading the knowledge and truth of Jesus Christ and our Catholic Faith in your groups!

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


P.S. The new cookbook is available now and everyone loves it! Don't miss the great fall recipes and Saints stories!

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