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Lost 40 lbs!

Hello Precious One!

Here is a fantastic glory story sent to us by Monique, a Canadian Light Weigh & One King Coordinator and mother of five who lost 40 pounds! God is good and has the power to transform our lives when we connect with Him!

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


Dear Light Weigh,

I remain eternally grateful to Suzanne for following her calling to write and formulate the Light Weigh and One King programs, as they have enabled me to be freed from more than "one cage" in my life. I love the meetings, the journaling, the friends to be made, and most importantly my personal relationship with God.

I heard Suzanne being interviewed on EWTN, while listening to my satellite radio and right away, I was excited. A weight loss program that's Catholic? This intrigued me!

I began struggling with my weight in high school, but really started to lose control during my pregnancies. I started Light Weigh and completely embraced the program, astounded that I was able to lose 35 lbs in 12 weeks. Also, I was excited to weigh 20 lbs. less than I did on my wedding day! Weight aside, I remember absolutely cherishing the program and the "goldmine" of spiritual information and resources that I felt I had stumbled upon!

More specifically, during that 12 weeks, I had sacrificed and made my intentions for a very important person in my life. That person embraced their faith and acquired a long-lasting grace that has continued until now. For this, I am eternally grateful to the program. It absolutely convinced me of not only the practical efficacy of the program (from a weight loss standpoint), but also the spiritual power of our sacrifices united to Christ, and His ultimate Sacrifice, on the cross, for us.

Since that first session, I have had three more children, facilitated the program 3 more times, and weathered a few storms. I have lost my footing at times, but it is always through the techniques offered through the LW, that I have regained my stability and peace with food.

Through the LW, I have come to realize the truth that Suzanne conveys, that almost always, overeating is a "heart" issue; a matter of trying to fill the hole in our heart with food or other things, when it's only meant to be filled with God.

Looking back on when overeating started in my life, I can easily correspond it, and continue to correspond it with various difficult events. Most recently, I regained some weight a few years ago, with my fifth pregnancy, and following the loss of my mother. Grief, depression, anxiety, tiredness, and hormones. A perfect recipe for overeating!

But, I'm happy to say that using the techniques in Light Weigh & One King, and through the Lord, I have once again lost the almost 40 pounds that I gained during that time, and hope to achieve a little more.

There is actually so much more I could say, but I know it's best if each and everyone discovers the unique joy and surprise that Christ might have for them!

Many blessings to Suzanne and all those who are assisting in carrying out the Light Weigh mission.

Thank you and God bless you!


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