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Palm Sunday

Hello Precious One!

Palm Sunday provides the perfect jubilant, bittersweet entrance to the holiest week of the year. The people were heralding Jesus because word had spread from the eye- witnesses that Jesus had raised Lazarus from the dead.

Our challenge is to appreciate this week to its fullest, because this week encapsulates the promise. The promise that there is meaning to our suffering here on earth if united to the Cross and the promise that there is, no matter what we face or go through, a happy ending, if we do not abandon Christ!

This is a serious week. Our Lord Jesus is a serious God. Jesus understands the seriousness of our suffering, because He is a God who came to suffer for us and with us. Jesus wants to help you carry any burden you carry. He suffered far more than we know, and also struggled with a Cross.

Jesus came to make everything better - and He did. Jesus accomplished His mission to redeem the world. Jesus paid the price for mankind, because two humans, Adam and Eve, caused the fall of all humanity. A mere man could have never endured what our Lord endured for us. And so God sent His only begotten Son who was fully God Himself, to take on human nature, along with His divine nature, in order to make things right and restore all mankind to the One True God.

Holy Week is as much about love as it is about suffering. Whatever you face, whatever you have lost, whatever you suffer and endure, your only real challenge is to hang on to Jesus and unite your suffering to His. Pray and ask Jesus to send you the grace He earned for you on the Cross; the grace you need right now, this very minute. Accept fully the Redemption that Jesus earned for you by Sacrificing Himself for you on the Cross - it is personal. Unite to Him fully in your struggles and sufferings and rest in the fact, there is a happy ending if we keep faith in Him. "And with His stripes we are healed."

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord,


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