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Quit Smoking & Nail Biting & Restarting!

Hello Precious One!

God is so faithful! We need to be faithful to Him! So many are restarting the original Light Weigh series! I heard from a lady last week who felt the call in her heart to restart Light Weigh and had to go before her parish council for permission. They said it sounded wonderful and gave her a thumbs up to begin. She told me two amazing stories from her former Light Weigh group:

One lady who had smoked for 23 years used Light Weigh to quit smoking!

Another lady had bitten her nails since she was a child. She always wore gloves or bandaids on her fingers and had even had to have surgery on her hands. After attending Light Weigh, she said she wanted to show everyone something. She removed her gloves to reveal beautifully painted nails! By God’s grace, using Light Weigh she had accomplished what had seemed forever impossible – she had stopped biting her nails!

The original Light Weigh has a focus that is Catholic devotion based, while Light Weigh One King focuses on Catholic Church history. They each have different materials and videos and content – but God has used both programs to set members free!

Spring is springing! Light Weigh and One King groups are continuing, starting or springing up and restarting! Do not miss out on allowing God to work in your life. Get in or start a Light Weigh or One King group. Work the program you are in. Stay out of denial. Use the tools and listen to the audios. By God’s grace, I achieved peace with food the same way you must – by following the program I wrote! :)

Call in if you are struggling. I do not want anyone to feel intimidated about calling for help. We may have to return your call, but we will call you back! There has not been anyone, by God’s grace, that we could not help who reached out.

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


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