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Reconnecting After 14 Years!

Hello Precious One!

I heard about a lady who called in last week who wants to start a new Light Weigh One King group. She did Light Weigh fourteen years ago. She said there is just something about Light Weigh that called her back. She had lost weight the first time, but ended up “not doing the things I knew I was supposed to do” and now she wants to reboot, restart and re-lose weight! I say to that, “Re-wonderful!” This is the time to begin again, and spring is the perfect time!

I feel like many of us are under a lot of stress. Both Light Weigh programs help with stress. I specifically wrote One King to be restorative and help people who overeat or suffer from chronic stress, anxiety, panic attacks or sleep problems. So many members have told me One King and Light Weigh have helped them so much! Speaking of sleep problems – try drinking tart cherry juice before bedtime. It has to be tart cherry juice and I buy it in the unrefrigerated juice section of Trader Joe’s. My friend Maria told me that doctors and nurses buy it by the case because of its anti-inflammatory properties and it really helps people go to sleep at night. Just drink a small glass at night before bedtime. It worked for my husband and daughter who had sleep problems. Hopefully it will help you too if you struggle with sleep or inflammation issues!

Get Light Weigh going in your parish or keep it going there! We are God’s boots on the ground and He needs us on the ground working for Him! This is how He can make a difference in so many lives! Email or call for a free Orientation Kit today.

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


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