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Our Lady of Grace and Chicken Wire

Mary Garden

Hello Precious One!

I was looking at my garden yesterday. I had planted one day and the bunnies were getting at much of it, nibbling flowers down to stubs. I bought chicken wire and a hot pepper systemic and then I was struck by a spiritual analogy!

We are each out there and unprotected but for God’s grace! When we turn to Our Lady of Grace and pray for grace, we receive a protection we otherwise would not have. We can still be seen and grow, like a plant in chicken wire – but we are protected. This gives our spiritual efforts time to take root in us and grow. Now in a few days I will remove the chicken wire because the systemic will have gotten into the plant. But in Light Weigh and life, we never get to the point where we do not need God’s grace. We will always need the chicken wire so to speak! But God’s grace is such a help and protection to us, and like His mercies, God’s grace is new each day!

Pray for God’s grace today and each and every day! Be exited to ask for and desirous of His grace! It is the difference between having the protection of God or going without.

“Our Lady of Grace! Please send me all the graces Jesus earned by dying on the Cross for me, all the graces necessary for my station in life and all the graces you desire to give others, but which have been rejected by them.” Amen.

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


P.S. In my research a came across epilepsy help – calling for eating ½ c. of tuna (60 grams) daily. This has helped many who suffer from seizures!!! The daily dose of oily fish (tuna, salmon etc.) made seizures and forehead ticks go away in many people, some who could not take seizure medication or were not helped by it. Tuna packed in water is best because it contains the most Omega 3’s and Skipjack tuna does not contain high levels of mercury. We are having success with this with Patrick. I make homemade mayonnaise (no soybean oil) with Skipjack tuna and relish and have it in the fridge just for the daily dose of “Medical Tuna”. Try it if you or someone in your family suffers from seizures! I hope it helps. :)

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