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God has great things in store for you!

Hello Precious One!

Summer is half over - but if you make a decision to regroup now or in the fall, your summer will be well spent! The great, grand and Godly news is that groups are still starting! This means members are not giving up. This means the light is still spreading and lives are being touched by God through Light Weigh programs.

A woman called me and told me how much Light Weigh has helped her in all areas of her life: emotional eating, job struggles, uncertainty and anxiety. She told me how important Light Weigh is and how thankful she is that she did the program.

It is always great to hear that, because it is true. Light Weigh is not like any other Bible study out there. Light Weigh impacts every area of faith, life and health if you follow it. The main thing is to start it, follow it and keep at it! I did not have to try to lose weight for my daughter's wedding because I follow what I preach in Light Weigh! The freedom is worth the effort - not effort in gyms, or "diets" or taking pills, but effort in following Light Weigh eating found in both Light Weigh and Light Weigh One King.

Resist the temptation to get caught up in spiritual busy work and do something that counts on every level as you spread the light of Christ through Light Weigh and Light Weigh One King!

Reserve your rooms now for the fall! Age in reverse! Get off medications! Grow closer to God! Make friends! Spread the light! God has great things in store for you - so go for it!

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord,


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