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Totally New!

Hello Precious One!

I heard from a coordinator named Maria, who has lost 28 pounds and is currently in her second One King session. Even though she has been through One King once, she said the DVD’s the second time around “seem totally new” and she is hearing things she does not remember hearing before.

This is how God uses the DVD’s, audios and materials in our lives, and I hear this all the time from members. Each time they watch the DVD’s they get something new out of them.

Years ago I got a call from a woman who did Light Weigh and was thrilled to slip, instead of squeeze, into her clothes on Thanksgiving Day. Unfortunately, like many she did not stay with the program or have the humility to return when she began stress eating later. It requires humility and awareness to return to Light Weigh.

Humility to understand if we gain some weight back we are not “bad” people – we are just human! Although many members keep their weight off, our individual lives and responses to stress are different. Everyone has their cross to bear. Our challenge if we have fallen is to return to Him and in this case, return to Him through setting about taming our will through the prescribed method of Light Weigh or Light Weigh One King. Continuing to run is a sign we lack the humility needed to return, like the prodigal son.

Lack of humility may trick us in another way too. “I’ve got this.” Time to do other “great things!” PLEASE do not fall for this temptation trick from the darkside! If you have not been with your Light Weigh program a year, and during this time stabilized your weight and achieved true peace with food, humble yourself and stay with it! No exceptions.

Awareness is so important, because it keeps us from denial and over confidence. We must be aware of over confidence in ourselves and aware we cannot overcome our faults on our own. We need God. God works through Light Weigh programs to do things in members that only He can do, when they are willing to work with Him.

Do not fight God. If you are struggling - rejoin or restart a group. The spiritual, emotional and physical health is more than worth it. Get ready to begin again. Reserve a room now or for later in January and schedule an orientation. My parish priest lost 14 pounds on One King and told me he feels so much better!

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


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