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Deacon Dave Testimonial & Insights!

Hello Precious One!

Please read this thoughtful and uplifting testimonial from Deacon Dave Talford. Deacon Dave lost 25 lbs and his wife lost over 40 lbs on Light Weigh One King! Reserve your meeting rooms now for January, because I think Catholics are getting energy and optimism for the future! Thank you Deacon Dave for your insights, faithful witness and inspiring words!

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


“Hi, Suzanne (Precious One!) –

I’m 69 years old and last spring I checked a Body Mass Index (BMI) site on the internet. I found out that at 6’ 1” tall, if I was over 189 pounds I was considered “obese”. That woke me up. During my post-college years I’ve fluctuated between 200 and 240 pounds. I occasionally tried carb reduction, sugar elimination, all-protein diets, etc. at different times and met with limited success. I was always experiencing a feeling of not being satisfied and being “deprived”, which made these diets a burden to me. Most importantly, I never thought of asking God or my guardian angel to help me get through them – big mistake! For the last 20 years or so I’ve relied on portion control and sugar reduction to keep my weight under 215.

I was ordained a Deacon 10 years ago and at a prayer meeting last spring I overheard a friend discussing your Light Weigh One King program. I asked her about it and when she told me that God and portion control were two of the LWOK driving factors, I became interested. My wife and I both signed up and after twelve weeks I reached my primary and secondary goals by reducing from 205 pounds to 190 and then 185 pounds. I actually reached 179 pounds, but only for a day! LWOK changed my life style. Now, after three months from the end of the program, I’m consistently maintaining my weight between 180 and 185.

There are several very good concepts associated with LWOK; my favorites are:

1) Spending extra time with God every morning and evening

2) The twice daily reminders about how good God is to me

3) The Divide & Conquer method of planning how to overcome temptation through prayer for others

4) Increased awareness of my Guardian Angel

5) Working together with my wife to support each other in losing weight

6) Portion control that is easily managed

7) And the best thing about LWOK is that I’m able to eat all the foods I like, and don’t feel that I’m “dieting”!

Thank you for Light Weigh One King! I’ve enjoyed your weekly presentations about how much God loves us and how to successfully stick with the program. I really appreciated your passionate, interesting approach whether discussing scripture, informing us about little known saints or demonstrating how to handle portion control in various situations. I pray that you’re able to continue to help many others draw closer to God and live as He intended!”

God Bless!

Deacon Dave Talford

Escanaba, Michigan

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