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Light the Way!

Hello Precious One!

We are in the midst of a huge opportunity. “Merry Christmas!” is coming back, being encouraged and going to be protected! This seems small, but actually it is huge. The United States was becoming a country that would tolerate everything except anyone who would not tolerate everything. This quite simply meant anyone obedient to Jesus Christ was not tolerated, while everyone else was embraced, encouraged, respected and accommodated.

We are on the brink of a tremendous “new evangelization” opportunity where Catholicism needs to be evangelized and invigorated. Is the world smart enough to appreciate Jesus and the Catholic faith He founded? Despite our age of communication, so little is communicated and that which is communicated about Christianity is usually negative or places Christianity on the level of other religions. This is part of the war on Christ who is the fullness of truth and founded the only complete true religion. To turn one’s back on this, or to defend other faiths, is to reveal a lack of understanding of the immensity of what Jesus Christ accomplished and did for the world.

Look at the facts: Women are treated best and have the most freedom in Christian countries. Disabled people are treated best in Christian countries. Christianity does not force others to convert and tolerates other beliefs, even though Christians may disagree with those beliefs. Christian countries had women leaders long before the feminist movement. Christian countries value life. Christian countries practice charity. Christian countries allow for differences. Christians do not kill themselves and others in the name of Christ; thinking they will be rewarded by God. Christianity is the basis and foundation for western civilization and the American way. Christianity practices forgiveness and charity. Christianity prays and looks forward.

When we work to spread, fortify and evangelize our Catholic faith through Light Weigh in our families, parishes and communities, we do some of the most important work that may be done. It is work that reverberates into the temporal and eternal world. It is exciting, rewarding and healthy.

Our challenge is to see this opportunity before us now and spread Christ by evangelizing the deep, beautiful and life changing affects of the Catholic faith through Light Weigh programs. Let us act for Christ and Mary most holy!

Many come to Mass just at Christmas and Easter. Get your bulletin announcements in the bulletin for Christmas and the New Year. Light Weigh changes lives. Spread the light!

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


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