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New Winter Wreath

Hello Precious One!

I have wanted a January wreath for a while now and every year when I go into Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, there is nothing right to make one – that is until this year! I found a wonderful silver grapevine wreath for $3.00 and one silver glitter pinecone and some great frozen branches that were also 80% off like the wreath. #Happiness! You can see from the picture what I did with them. I love making things like this, as it always gives me a boost mentally! And I feel the silver glittered pinecone keeps some spiritual symbolism in my new January wreath too! From the pinecone springs the evergreen, the symbol of constancy and perseverance!

I was blessed to have a truly amazing conversation with Jo Ann who joined a One King Georgia group and then started a One King group with her snowbird friends in Florida. Here is the amazing thing – Jo Ann had been doing a very restrictive eating program, where she was not allowed bread, sugar and many other things. In addition if you deviated from the strict regimen, you had to announce it publically and start completely over. If Calvinists could have a diet this would be it!

Now Jo Ann has been on Light Weigh One King since the fall, gone through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, eating the One King way the whole time. She has allowed herself sugar, bread and even Christmas coconut cake according to One King guidelines – and she has not gained a pound, binged or grown out of her size 6 clothing! Jo Ann told me she is really achieving peace with food, but I talking, we realized the darkside was attacking in another way by making her feel not good enough, unworthy and not a good enough example. I know what you are thinking, she’s not gaining weight, but you and I both know how the darkside will do anything to beat us down. Once we pulled this out into the light and developed a strategy to deal with those “not from God” thoughts, by immediately turning back to Jesus and proclaiming trust in Him and asking Mary for grace, Jo Ann realized she would be free of those thoughts too!

Do not let the darkside rob an opportunity for freedom from you! Keep going or restart and do not give up. Look what the darkside would have stolen from Jo Ann if she had just given up.

Love in Jesus and Mary!


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