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Saint Valentine was a Roman physician, Bishop and martyr. Valentine helped, along with St. Marius, other Christians who were being persecuted under Emperor Claudius II the Goth. Valentine was captured and sent before the prefect of Rome to make him renounce his faith in Jesus Christ. St. Valentine refused to deny Jesus and on February 14th was beaten and then martyred. He was buried in the Via Flaminia. Pope Julius I built a church in his memory over the burial site.

The custom of sending loved ones notes on St. Valentine's Day may come from the popular belief that is recorded in literature since the time of Chaucer; that the birds began to pair on St. Valentine's Day. An early letter from the year 1477 refers to, "St. Valentine's Day and every bird chooseth him a mate. . ."

St. Valentine's Day is a wonderful day to show your family how much you love them! Set the table with a red or white tablecloth, get red candles, some flowers and a little treat for everyone's place. You may want to put paper doilies on the table and put little St. Valentine wrapped chocolates on them. This is the day to use anything heart shaped that you can find, from pasta to crackers; your children and your husband will love it! There is nothing more fun on St. Valentine's Day than to come home from school or work and find a heart shaped dessert waiting for you! Your family will always remember it.

Happy St. Valentine's Day

Precious One!


Copyright 2003 Suzanne Fowler

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