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Soon Lent Begins

Hello Precious One!

Sorry about last week’s missing in action Light Mail! President’s Day threw me

off and things got super busy on both the Light Weigh and family fronts. I am raring to

go this week as we head into the Church’s official desert walk with Our Lord Jesus

Christ, as we begin Lent together. I feel like everything is moving so fast – even the

liturgical year!

My oldest daughter got back from Fatima last week and took all the intentions of

everyone in Light Weigh groups there. She and her husband and wonderful mother inlaw

walked on their knees on a special penitential prayer walk three times, for the intentions

and needs of each of you, your families, our family and theirs. I had not asked her to do

that and I thought it was beautiful.

Actions touch the Heart of God and our own hearts as well. Jesus did and does so

much for us! It is very easy to forget this in the busyness of life. So many groups are

starting for Lent and I know this action touches the Heart of God and will touch so many


Do your part if you are in a group to keep it vibrant and alive. The best way to do

this is to pray and sacrifice for each other. If you are waiting for someone to start a group

so you can join again, take action and try to get some people together and ask someone

else to coordinate. God will reward your efforts! Light Weigh programs make Lent come

alive! This is a great time to begin.

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


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