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Finding God in the desert

Hello Precious One!

How is your desert walk going? Each of us must fight against the same temptations Jesus fought and overcame in the desert: pleasure, power and prestige. It is only possible to overcome these great and powerful temptations, by staying connected to an even greater and more powerful God! The connection must be both in our minds and in our hearts. When we establish this mind and heart connection with God, we experience detachment from the world. Detachment from the world is the foundation for a happy life.

But it is so easy to get drawn into the world, as the temptation of pride comes cloaked in the guises of what “we” need to do for the: environment, poor, refugees, air quality, carbon footprint, global warming and the list goes on. Pride tricks us into thinking it is all up to us and distracts us from what we really should be doing first and foremost, which is to worship God! The one true God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Through the worship of God we come to know, love and serve God. Oh – and we don’t need to “become” God for anyone, because God already has that covered!

If we can get ourselves to just focus on knowing, loving and serving God, so much will instantly be righted. The faith will grow in individual hearts and the individual heart will connect with God and be better prepared to serve Him. When we serve Him, then we are able to really impact the world – the way He intends for us to impact it – united to Him. Any other focus or priority pulls us into the world and its priorities – which is what the enemy wants. Service has inadvertently done this in our Church, by placing the emphasis on our efforts. Sacrifice united to God, infuses every effort we make and puts God first where He belongs!

God alone is God. Jesus is God. We could follow and imitate no One better. Light Weigh teaches you and others to follow, imitate and unite to Our Lord. It is interesting to note that Mary the Mother of God was totally detached from the world because she was united to God and followed her Son perfectly, the way each of us is called to do. Focus on this in your desert walk this week and you will see the difference.

Love in Jesus and Mary,


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