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Lent & Freedom

Hello Precious One!

A daffodil was known as a “Lent Lily” and symbolized new beginnings and rebirth. We can see from this week’s Light Mail photo that these Lent Lilies have to be hardy, as they remind us that spring is on its way – despite the occasional snowstorm! We can learn a lot from these simple flowers, who prepare themselves in a hidden way, for their new beginning in springtime.

A priest was saying that Lent may seem like drudgery and punishment, but Lent is really about freedom. When things control us, we are not free. When we grow in detachment, we grow in strength. When we detach from something in Lent, we are imitating Christ and this gives what we are doing a spiritual power that emanates from Christ and what He did. When we grow in strength through love of Christ, we are truly free. Freedom does not mean rigidity, but enjoying gifts from God in the way God intended for them to be enjoyed. Catholicism has always understood this fact.

As we strengthen ourselves in the Light Weigh and Lenten hidden way, we are prepared to endure the snowstorms that may unexpectedly come our way. Through our hidden way of preparation, we are better prepared to burst into the springtime of life, which is not a matter of age. Faith gives life a perpetual springtime, because we are united to the One, Jesus, who through obedience and love defeated death, giving us each the chance of the ultimate new beginning through rebirth into eternity with Christ!

How is your quest for freedom going this Lent? If you are struggling, spend more time like the Lent Lily, preparing unseen, by using your materials, attending your meetings, listening to your audios. That is the way we fortify in Light Weigh, to get the new beginning with the freedom God wants us to enjoy. Freedom through Him.

Walking in the dessert with you,


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